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New in 2013 - MMCC - Mathematical Modeling
Computational Calculus

CWT Vol 1 - Constant Velocity Motion

CWT Vol 2 - Newton's Apple

CWT Vol 3 - Nature's Favorite Functions

CWT Vol 4 - Good Vibrations - Fourier Analysis and the LaPlace Transform

New in 2007 - CWT - College Edition

New in 2006 - FREEMAT

New Computational Calculus versus Old Analytical Calculus

The Wave Equation

Airplane Simulator

Planetary Motion

The Juno Space Probe

Maxwell's Equations


General Relativity

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   Calculus Without Tears

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Calculus Without Tears Workbooks are a self-contained and complete`course in the fundamentals of calculus. The workbooks consist of lessons meant to be studied one per day. Each lesson begins with a presentation of the some aspect of calculus, followed by numerous exercises. There is no 'learning by discovery', everything is spelled out, and there are no difficult or tricky exercises. The purpose of the exercises is to reinforce the material presented in the lesson and to review older material, to the point of familiarity. Exercises have checksums so that the student can check his/her work. Mathematical Modeling and Computational Calculus has an online answer key.

Mathematical Modeling Vol I Mathematical Modeling and Computational Calculus Vol I - $25.00 ....

Mathematical Modeling Vol II Mathematical Modeling and Computational Calculus Vol II - $25.00 ....

constant velocity motion CWT Vol. 1 - Constant Velocity Motion - $20.00 ....

newton's apple CWT Vol. 2 - Newton's Apple - $20.00 .....................

nature's favorite functions CWT Vol. 3 - Nature's Favorite Functions - $20.00 .

Good Vibrations CWT Vol. 4 - Fourier Analysis and the Laplace Transform - $25.00 .........

College Edition CWT - College Edition - $25.00 .........................

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